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Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Rediscover your smile
  • Composite bonding
  • Ceramic veneers
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Gaps
  • Dental jewellery


Rediscover your smile

A confident smile is one of the most attractive features anyone can possess. A lack of acceptance of smile is shown by clenched lips or childishly covering mouth while smiling. This does not reflect their true warmth and personality.


Most of us invest a lot of time and effort on health and general appearance but often teeth are neglected. It is now possible with advanced techniques of dentistry to have a smile we have always longed for even if we don’t have one gifted by nature or have lost it by years of neglect.(Dentsply poster)


Smile makeover takes about two weeks. Before and after photographs of cases are shown to the patient to give them an idea of possibilities. Patient’s face and smile are analysed during initial appointment. Impression of teeth is made to have a replica of teeth (dental models). Changes are made on dental models with wax to simulate final results desired (diagnostic wax-up). Temporary changes are made in the patient’s mouth so they also have an idea about final results and any changes if desired can be incorporated. Once we are ready with the blueprint, we go ahead and carry out the procedure.

Cosmetic Bonding

Composites are tooth coloured resin materials. They are used to bond to the tooth to repair carious or fractured teeth. Gaps between teeth can also be closed by this technique. Tooth coloured resin is sculpted to the tooth and hardened by exposing to high intensity light.


Direct bonding is less time consuming. It requires a single sitting to finish a relatively simple procedure. It is more conservative procedure, less of natural tooth structure has to be reduced. It is also relatively inexpensive. The disadvantage of direct bonding is composites tend to stain and wear faster. This is a treatment of choice for relatively simpler procedures.

Dentsply Poster


 Cosmetic Dentistry India


 Cosmetic Dentistry India


Mock build up (temporary) during diagnosis and treatment planning to form a blueprint for final procedure.


 Cosmetic Dentistry India


Dentists in Delhi


                                          Fractured teeth repaired with composite bonding





                                   Carious (decayed) teeth repaired with composite bonding


Ceramic Veneers

A thin layer of tooth (fraction of millimeter) is removed from front (buccal) side. A thin shell of ceramic is individually fabricated of desired shape and shade. This is bonded to the tooth to change the colour, shape or size of tooth to improve smile. Ceramic veneers are more esthetic and stain less over period of time compared to composites. Ceramic veneers require two appointments spaced at about ten days.



                                      Ceramic veneers are thin shells of ceramic





                                      Ceramic veneers


Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns are used for more extensive esthetic results where teeth have broken or worn out considerably.  Crowns are also used to reinforce broken down root canal treated teeth. The tooth is reduced from all sides and top till gum. A temporary crown is fabricated for about ten days till the permanent one is prepared. Metal ceramic crowns have metal underneath and are tooth coloured. The alloy under ceramic may be non-precious or gold based precious. They can also be made metal free for better esthetics. The advantages of metal free crowns are better esthetics because of absence of metal of different colour and translucence. They are tolerated very well by body and have temperature sensitivity similar to natural teeth.


Top side


Metal ceramic (left side of both photographs) and metal free crowns (right side of both photographs)



Crown and Bridge

Dental bridges are used to fill the space from where teeth have been removed. Teeth adjacent to the missing are reduced from all sides and top above gum level to act as anchor. A custom made bridge is cemented to reduced teeth with the attached missing teeth. It looks and functions like natural teeth.


If missing teeth are not replaced it leads to migration of adjacent teeth and extrusion (supraeruption) of opposing teeth. This leads to malocclusion and may add to periodontal (gum) problems.



Missing tooth


Adjacent teeth being reduced


Reduced teeth

Bridge before cementation 

Cemented Bridge