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Root Canal Treatment

If the decay in tooth is not treated in time it grows bigger and eventually reaches the root canal system. This area has the blood supply and nerve of the tooth. The bacteria infect the root canal system. The tooth becomes sensitive at this stage and aches on pressure. The only way to save such tooth is by root canal treatment.


Under local anaesthesia an access cavity is prepared in the tooth to have a straight line access to root canal system. The length of root is established by apex locator and digital radiographs (X-rays). The canals are shaped and cleaned by rotary instruments and hand files and irrigated with medicaments. The canals are filled by inert gutta percha material coated with sealer.


A harder filling is done later. Later crown is placed on almost all molars and pre-molars (back teeth) and badly broken incisors and canines (front teeth). Badly broken teeth need to be built up with post and core. In post and core root canal filling material is partially removed . Carbon fibre posts which are very hard are bonded in the canals of tooth. These act as support like foundation of building. Tooth tooth is built up with support of post with core build up composite materials. The build up is reduced for crown and crown is fabricated and cemented on top. The tooth looks and functions like a normal tooth.


Root canal treatment is done in single sitting for more than 80% of cases. Success rate is about 98%. It is usually a painless procedure with discomfort in about 2% of cases.


Healthy tooth


Infected tooth


Access cavity prepared in tooth


Cleaning and shaping of root canals


Filling (obturation) of root canal


Broken tooth to be restored after root canal treatment


Carbon fibre posts bonded to tooth


Tooth built with composites


Root Canal Treatment delhi

Tooth reduced for crown


Root Canal Treatmen

Crown cemented